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Star Shaped.

Leaning against his favorite tree, Abraham swept the hair back from his son’s eyes. He pointed to the inky sky. “See those stars, Isaac?”

“Mama says other nations worship them.”

“Yes. Some even think they predict the future.”

The lights twinkled in Isaac’s deep brown irises. “But, we don’t believe that.”

Abraham smiled. “We worship the One Who created those stars, sun and moon, and Who whispered the light into them. Only He knows the future.”

Millennia of astral deaths and discoveries after Abraham explained Creation to his son, the world continues to misconstrue its sources of light and truth. Countless souls attempt to divine their futures from the stars. Others believe the sun’s warmth encouraged the genesis of life on our planet. Those who seek energy and truth from created things remain unfulfilled, desperately lost whether they know it or not.

God created light to draw us toward understanding Him. Physical light symbolizes the illumination and vitalizing power of His Spirit. He set the sun, moon, and stars to orchestrate our lives around His warmth and wisdom. He never intended physical light to receive worship, but to point us instead to the true center of life.

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’” (John 8:12).

Jesus defined Himself as the source of eternal light, life, and truth, distinguishable from created things. Just as God set the heavenly bodies in the skies to remind us of Him, He also encourages us to reflect His character. 

“You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).

We serve as His image bearers, reflecting the light of Christ to the dark, lost world around us. Though some will fail to understand its message, He urges us to shine with all the brilliance of His love, truth, and grace. In the spiritual universe, He has set us as the stars, moon, and sun. Where we fail to convey His light, a perilous chill befalls the earth. 

How you reflect His light could shimmer in the eyes of children not yet born. Consider how and where the Creator purposed you to shine.

Love Legacy.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8).

I was reading 1 Chronicle 1 this morning, and found an interesting detail. Ham’s descendants include the Philistines and the Amorites, two of Israel’s greatest enemies. Genesis 10 indicates that he fathered those who populated Canaan, including the area of Sodom and Gomorrah. Dishonoring his father sent repercussions through generations for centuries.  Could he have guessed how far his disdain would spread?

One heart’s attitude, a solitary moment, a single act–each seems irrelevant to the condition of our world. The mind comforts us with logic, reasoning away minor and personal choices between love and lovelessness. The universe shifts along such tiny pivots, however.

Peter felt this as a visceral reality. He observed an innocent man laying down His divine life to transform the course of eternity. Peter watched countless acts by which Christ demonstrated ultimate love to all men, but his front seat to the crucifixion and resurrection trumped them all. As if that weren’t enough, Jesus sought him out afterward to drive the power of a world-changing love choice into the core of Peter’s soul.

Jesus offered Peter the chance to verify his love the same number of times he’d denied it. He even encouraged a deeper relationship, to truly love Him. Peter experienced divine grace and love firsthand, compelling his heart to nourish God’s children. The rock foundation for the church had to live the message of life-transforming love. Could he have guessed how far each of his decisions to emulate Christ’s love would spread?

Could Dorcas have known her kindness to widows would trigger pleas to resurrect her, much less to establish modern foundations to care for the needy in her name?

Could Ruth have known her love for Naomi would establish her as the great-grandmother of King David and an ancestress of Christ?

Did the author of the Serenity Prayer imagine its impact upon countless recovering souls?

Would the woman who smiled and encouraged a stranger recognize she’d saved a life?

Love covers a multitude of sins, sheds light into the darkness, and melts the chill of evil from the world. One heart’s attitude, one moment, and one choice at a time.


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