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The uplifting impact chocolate delivers to the mind and body cannot be measured against other culinary experiences. Though reputed as a craving for women, cocoa attracts both genders in like numbers. We pursue its complex flavor, energy boost, and enhanced focus. The endorphin lift simulates the joy we so desperately need.

Widespread love of chocolate comes as no surprise. Consumers clamor for any form of the confection. Cheap candies and artificial flavorings fly off store shelves. Yet, not all chocolate-like edibles offer the same benefits. Substitutes fail to provide flavonoids, antioxidants, or a positive effect on mood. 

Fine chocolate stands above counterfeits. A distinct and incomparable category. Pure and rich, the silken textures deliver an unparalleled experience. Those who taste its genuine benefits can never expect satisfaction from lesser sources. Fine chocolate nourishes the body and mind, while delivering a boost to the heart.

Like fine chocolate, our souls crave the true source of joy and nourishment. Though alternatives claim to provide for our needs, only God can satisfy and sustain body, mind, and spirit. The pure, rich love of our Savior offers abundant life beyond our imagination. With one taste of His love, our deepest cravings melt away. Nothing else can fulfill His promises of hope, life, and unconditional joy. The intense, complex encounter with a loving God remains impossible to describe in words. Once His Spirit sweetens and coats the soul, the delicious transformation speaks for itself. The flavor embeds itself on the tongue, scenting breath and flavoring all that enters or flows out. 

Perfect bliss must be shared. Though we cannot force others to grasp His exquisite quenching of our spirits’ deepest thirstings, we can offer a kiss of blessings to others. Invite the hungry to taste our divine joy. Smile often, as a glimpse into our hope. Listen to the desperate cries of those who consumed artificial gods, and offer a warm sample of caring. Breathe the truth and wrap arms around those shivering in the shadows of falsehood. 

Love of chocolate does not surprise anyone. Sharing Greater Love can shatter the imagination’s ceiling and buoy the soul.

Wicks Dispelling Night.

Twilight splashes its final periwinkle shade across the horizon. Inky silhouettes shiver in the creeping breath of nightfall outside. Icy winds slide their talons under my window sashes and slink inside. Winter cackles in long drafts through the house and makes itself at home. 

I light a cinnamon candle. The votive casts a golden arc to cheer shadows away from the table. A flame dances from the once ugly wick. Though charred, the frolic of light anoints its core with beauty and releases the stored fragrance to bless the room. Huddling over the joyful glow, I warm my fingertips and nose. 

The chilling winter night continues to claw at my back. One candle governs its range with light, but I must light all the candles to dispel darkness from the house. The dry wicks take hold of the fire with instant joy, while glossy ones take more time to light. When the lit wicks all shimmer, the aromatic glory routs all cold shadows from my home.

We must join as Spirit-flamed candles, for victory over the freezing shadows of evil requires all Christ bearing souls to dance together.


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