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“The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of his craftsmanship. Day and night they keep on telling about God” (Psalm 19:1-2).

Tender grass bursts from the earth. Glimmering beetles scurry up to lily pinnacles and raise their antennae. My favorite gnarled oak ascends from a velvety ring of petunias. Its branches wield leafy poufs as live, rain-guzzling, sun-swallowing pom-poms.

Meanwhile, a masterpiece rolls overhead.

Coral rays claim the heavens, staking dawn’s entry. Glorious brilliance floods the earth with awesome energy, both life-sustaining  and requiring the respect rather than scrutiny of mortal eyes. The light reigns undaunted, despite the morphing hues of its backdrop and fleeting clouds to veil its position. Ten thousand bird species laud the majesty in song and aerial dance. Crimson explodes across the skies as the sun descends to meet the edge of our perspective. The world blackens against a fabulous gleam of twilight. Predators crawl out into the shadows, anticipating easy prey in the sun’s absence. The light never abandons us. A silver orb rises against the darkness to reflect the sun’s continued presence. Crickets and cicadas praise its faithfulness. It continues to guide and shine upon us in this new form as we hope for the new dawn.

Before a single word of Scripture inked the ancient papyrus, God authored creation as a living testament. The Bible anoints modern Christians with immeasurable benefits and deepens our understanding of God, but He foresaw those without access to the written word. The Father did not leave anyone bereft of His message. Creation’s magnificent design proves His sovereignty. He reveals Himself and His attention to us in the artistic, majestic, and whimsical elements of nature. The progress of each day reflects the gospel, a Son who remains with us and bestows His life upon us that we might represent Him to the world.

As we continue to cherish Scripture, let us also remain aware of its earliest writing–God’s love letter crafted upon the world around us. The story nature has read aloud since the dawn of creation.

“God shines forth. Our God comes and will not be silent…He summons the heavens above,and the earth, that he may judge his people…’Sacrifice thank offerings to God,fulfill your vows to the Most High,and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.'”
– Psalm 50:3-15

The Maker grins at the sparrow’s warble, an elm branch flourishing its quenched leaves, and the flush of color rising from the atmosphere’s edge at the end of a day. An infinite universe spins overhead in a glorious display of the Creator’s genius. He fashioned every subatomic particle to wrap a masterful design of benefit around His favorite creation–us. God positioned us among a wide array of blessings, and mankind has surrendered an assortment of these in the ongoing quest to please God.
Smile upon us, Lord. See? We return these gifts to You.
We never consider the impact of our gift, but check it off the list. Most of us invest more thought in the purchase of a holiday gift card. Who would bless a fisherman with canned fish?
One type of offering warms a broad smile onto the Lord’s countenance. Our Father delights in sacrifices of the heart and soul. When thankfulness and obedience radiate from within us, life tingles through our fingertips and toes. The Spirit swells into divine warbling and praise and the world around us sees colorful splashes of power. God hears those who live thankful prayers. He receives sincere praise and doubles it back on us in a blessing-drench.
Take a moment to observe the heavens. Consider presenting your heart to the Lord in thankful surrender. What will you do to live your prayer of praise and submission?cross

Rain or Shine.


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