Welcome, my friend!

I’m so glad you’ve come to visit today.

Would you like to prop up your feet and escape into a story? I’ve got a suspense novel to satisfy your tastes.

If you’re thirsty for faith-strengthening discussions, let me offer you a study or seminar to quench your soul.

Are you carrying baggage–stress, past hurts, disillusionment? Lay your burdens down and pull up a chair. Let me offer you a healing cup of inspiration.

Maybe you’re more interested in lightening that load you’re carrying. How about a Christian living book or a workshop?

Whether you’ve come to partake of books and events or just to chat, I’m delighted you’re here. Relax, stay a while. If you must go, please come back soon and bring friends to join us.

Check out my online coaching and workshops at Divine Encouragement, LLC

Speaking Events

With compassionate perspective and enthusiastic fire, Tina delivers a rekindling experience that captures and transforms. Participants are energized to ramp up from mere existence into life.  Activities included in the workshops anchor learning for long-lasting impact. With humor, transparency, and wisdom she addresses audiences in a way they will both enjoy and remember. Presentations are tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Workshops are available from thirty minutes to three hours.


Examples include:

  • Cultivating Your Divine Seeds
  • Lemons in a Sugarless Life – When Pain Obscures Hope
  • Inhabiting the Heart of God
  • De-Stressing Your World
  • Alert the Border Patrol – Journey to Interpersonal Success
  • Joy of a Woman’s Journey
  • Bee a Blessing
  • Coloring Outside the Lines – Unlocking Your Secret Potential



I currently have two books available, with more on the way.


Sensing God:

A Scriptural Experience for all Five Senses 

  A six-week Bible study



Seeing Things 

A suspense thriller